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Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Grilles

Window grilles are a part of a long-standing tradition of incorporating security features with decorative accents in order to maintain the building’s look. Window grilles are available in a wide variety of designs and features such as retractable grilles and quick-release mechanisms. However, there are a few disadvantages associated with the use of window grilles. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of window grilles.

Any opening in the structure of a building can become a potential point of unauthorized entry. Windows are essentially susceptible to this in view of the fact that some windows may be facing a deserted street. The glass pane allows intruders and burglars to see through the windows and plan the break-in. Window grilles serve as protective shields for the window since breaking or cutting through metal bars is extremely difficult.

By forming a protective covering over the windows, window grilles protect the breakable glass from damage caused by vandalism or attempted break-ins. Window grilles can be designed in such a way that they are raised off the surface of the window and the window surface is not easily accessible from the outside.

Even though home alarm systems may be effective at detecting unauthorized entry or access, window grilles serve as a preventive item. Spotting a house protected by window grilles can give thieves the impression that the house is adequately secured and acts as a psychological deterrent.

Even though window grilles have a number of benefits, there are certain drawbacks associated with them. In spite of the availability of varied designs, most people are hesitant about installing window grilles because of the fact that they can appear as an obstruction to view the outdoors.

In case you often shift homes, you will not be able to make use of the window grilles again given that they need to correspond with the size of the window. You will have to purchase new window grilles or choose an adjustable home security system.

Removable and detachable window grille designs are available which allow the window grilled to be opened. Retractable window grilles and ones with a quick-release mechanism allow the grille to be operated from the inside. However, in the case of an emergency evacuation, this could prove to be an impediment. Window grilles can also obstruct access for fire-fighters. This disadvantage is alleviated by choosing window grilles which maintain safety attributes but allow for easy operation without specialised tools or keys.

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