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How To Install Burglar Bars

Security or burglar bars block the window openings of your home. Proper installation makes sure that the burglar bars remain intact and keep burglars and intruders out of your home. When deciding which type of burglar bars to install, you should bear in mind escape routes that are easy to get to in the case of a house fire or natural disaster. In some areas, only hinged burglar bars are allowed as per the housing code. Burglar bars on the windows of your home provide a sense of safety and security by keeping intruders out. Building customized burglar bars and installing them requires some welding experience but can be a great project for the iron or metal working enthusiast. An important thing you need to keep in mind is that the building codes in most areas require a quick-release safety latch on burglar bars in order to allow for a quick escape in the event of a fire. In this article, we will learn how to install burglar bars.

First and foremost, measure the vertical height of the opening section of the window with the help of a tape measure. Divide the dimensions by two in order to obtain the center of the window. Measure up from the window sill using a tape measure and mark out the center line of the opening on each side of the window frame with the help of a marker or pencil. Mark out two locations one inch in from the interior wall corner of the left side of the window using a carpenters pencil.

Center the left guide rail on the vertical height mark with the edge of the guide rail facing inwards, in the direction of the room, lined up with one inch pencil marks. Delineate each mounting hole on the window frame with the help of a pencil. Next, pre-drill a hole at each outlined location using a 5/32 inch drill bit secured in a 3/8 inch drill. Align the holes on the left guard rail with the pre-drilled holes. Drive one supplied mounting screw into each hole with a Philips head screwdriver. Repeat the the process to secure the right guard rail to the right-hand side of the window frame.

Pull the hinged guide rail in the direction of the room. Slip the security bar compilation into the hinged guide rail and secure it by following the directions of the manufacturer. Adjust the height and width locations by turning the adjusting screws and tamper-proof the screws with the materials supplied by the manufacturer in order to complete the installation of the burglar bars.

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